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What You Should Know About TF Cornerstone and Local Law 11

What Is Local Law 11?

New York City's Local Law 11, also known as the “Façade Inspection Safety Program” (FISP), requires that owners of buildings with six or more stories have their exterior walls and structures inspected periodically.

These periodic inspections ensure the safety of the building’s residents, as well as the safety of other members of the community. It is a necessary part of building maintenance that every landlord must complete, regardless of the age of the building.

The Local Law 11 contractors are scheduled to continue demo work on the balconies at certain TFC buildings. Depending on weather conditions, each phase of the project should take a few weeks.

For more information about Local Law 11, you can visit the the full description on or read this article from Habitat Magazine.


Resident Safety and Security

All residents with balconies in the path of Local Law 11 work should remove all items from their balconies as directed during the course of the project to avoid delays. Residents are also advised to keep all windows and balcony doors locked, and blinds drawn during working hours.

The effected balconies will be closed for the duration of the Local Law 11 project, and direct notifications to residents effected by the work will include estimated end dates. TFC residents, please keep an eye out for additional updates on all balcony work effecting your building, and estimated completion dates as work progresses.

Visitors and apartment hunters, please excuse the temporary inconvenience.


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