High Line Park in Midtown West NYC is still in a transitional state of sorts—a large parcel of land just begging to be occupied (if not Occupied). It’s probably fitting, then, that on the map of New York City, some of the Far West Side’s biggest attractions are its best. Many of the attractions of the Hudson Yards area and its adjacent neighborhoods are nearly city-sized themselves. Remember, this is the town with parks nearly the size of suburbs; so if ever you start to feel like a big fish in this big pond, take a tour of some of these spots and restore your awe in no time.

A Park in Midtown Manhattan: High Line Park NYC

One of the newest jewels of a nouveau-hip Midtown Manhattan traces its roots to the depression era and the Hudson Train Yards. In a brilliant bit of ingenuity the City has created High Line park, which salvages the disused train line and transforms it into a beautiful area that features exotic flora (including some planted to honor varieties that once flourished there), various art installations, and terrific views of the city. The High Line has proven so popular that local businesses have already adopted the moniker—for example, the terrific Highliner Restaurant and the fantastic Highline Ballroom. If you visit High Line Park NYC this week you could lend a hand as a volunteer at their annual “Spring Cutback”, the clearing away of overgrowth to make way for new plant life such as their latest gem, the Jet Trail Flowering Quince. The High Line Park runs from Gansevoort Street in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District to 34th Street, where it gives way to yet another New York City attraction.

A New York City Attraction in Hell’s Kitchen:  Javits Center NYC

A major New York City Tourist attraction, generally known as a “convention center,” the Javits plays host to such a diverse array of events. It’s so big that when you’re inside it can seem like a city within a city. In the next ten days alone, the Far West Side will be temporary home to a coffee fest, floral expo, a robotics competition, career fair and an LGBT conference. Some states don’t have that much going on in a ten day period—and we haven’t even touched on the flying car that zooms into the Javits Center in April as part of the massive New York Auto Show. (Did you just hear that “Jetsons” sound effect in your head too?)

Madison Square Garden New York

Next on our list is a little place called Madison Square Garden where a guy named Bruce Springsteen will grace the stage just a few weeks from now. Of course, Madison Square Garden New York is also the home of the New York Knicks. While the Knicks may have been fodder for punch lines until recently, the rapid rise of new star Jeremy Lin -- and the resulting string of Knicks wins -- has made the world’s most famous arena a hot ticket again. The Garden is now buzzing on game night, and filled with energy not felt there in years. If you can, catch a game now at Madison Square Garden, as pricing and availability may change as the Knicks’ playoff push progresses.

MSG Image via TheCampusSocialite.com

New York City Attractions in Hell’s Kitchen and Beyond

If want something smaller, simpler - or just plain grittier - the Far West Side and Midtown West Manhattan can do small, too. Check out some of the outdoor bazaars in the neighborhood such as the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market at 39th and 9th. A legendary piece of New York City history, Hell’s Kitchen may no longer reflect its namesake; but the flea market is a ton of fun, a place to pore over tables and comb through racks. Often, you’ll find great bargains, and bartering is encouraged. You never know when you just might find that rare collectible you’ve been looking for!

Whether you’re looking for a classic New York tourism location or hoping to find your own little niche, New York attractions on the Far West Side offer a wide variety from which to choose. Ranging from vast expanses and open spaces to the more intimate settings of great restaurant, clubs and cafes, New York’s Far West Side is home to many unique places in which you’ll make new memories. Memories of a lifetime.


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