The view from the Fairfax Rooftop

Apartment hunting in New York City is no easy feat. Give yourself a hand for finding this cheat-sheet, demystifying the alphabet soup in most No Fee luxury NYC apartment listings. If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of classified ads, fear not! You can always reference this simple guide to help you decode those apartment listing abbreviations. You’ll be on your way to your dream apartment in no time.

New York City is  famous for its unique apartment life across each neighborhood. Space is a premium, and you can find an apartment with ample space if you know where to look. Keep an eye out for these abbreviations if you’re looking for something more spacious:


ALC – Alcove



An alcove is an area off of the living space, giving the overall floorplan an additional private area.  Alcoves are typically used for sleeping, sitting, studying, working, or dining areas.  Variation on ALC: If your apartment has a DA, or Dining Alcove, it means you’ll have plenty of extra space for that kitchen table you’ve been eyeing at AptDeco.


WIC – Walk-In Closet



A walk-in closet, although self-explanatory, is great news for anyone with a lot of stuff. Walk-in closets are coveted apartment features that provide lots of additional storage for anything and everything, and typically provide a bit of dressing space, too. 


NO FEE – Probably a Primary Source of NYC Rentals



Although this abbreviation might not give you extra space in your apartment, it will do wonders for your bank account. Every listing offered at every residential TFC building is a No-Fee apartment.  With a No Fee apartment, you pay zero broker, finder, or other external commission fees if you find and sign your lease directly with TFC (the luxury rental building’s leasing manager).


Alcove Studios with Walk-In Closets at The Fairfax

If you’re in the market for a No-Fee studio with some extra room, head over to the Upper East Side -  These two spacious studios are available right now, at The Fairfax (201 East 69th Street):


The Fairfax, Apartment #10D





This studio boasts a king-sized sleeping alcove, along with a thirty foot living room and several closets for storage. To learn more, check out the apartment listing here.


The Fairfax, Apartment #12H




With its nine foot ceilings, oversized windows, and spacious living room, this well-lit studio will feel massive!

Aside from a roomy walk-in closet, the apartment also features a structural column that separates the living and dining area. To learn more, check out the apartment listing here.


In addition to these No Fee apartments, qualified applicants are also eligible for one month of free rent OR a one month Broker OP for a limited time, during the month of July, 2016.

You can view these apartments, along with a fresh list of all TFC apartments that are available now, right on




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