TFC NO Fee Luxury Rentals in NYC
While Many Rental Landlord Rankings Focus on the Worst, Brick Underground Highlights the Best of NYC, in Partnership With Rentlogic.

With a solid TrustScore of more than 8/10, TFC’s long-standing commitment to serving each client in the best way possible - from the leasing experience to serving each resident’s day-to-day needs - is clear.

Recently, TF Cornerstone has received the distinction of top ranking among landlords here in New York according to Brick Underground in their guide, ‘The 12 Best Landlords in Manhattan.’


Brick Underground Explains Their Ranking Process (Excerpt):

To quantify who are the “best” landlords in Manhattan, we looked to public records showing building maintenance issues, which is as close to a dispassionate source as we could identify. Our partners at the website Rentlogic grade buildings based on the occurrence of serious maintenance issues over the past four years.

To create this list, we asked them to take it a step further, crunching the numbers for landlords with buildings in Manhattan, then weighting their data to favor those with large portfolios, the idea being that it's harder to maintain 20 buildings than it is to maintain one. The resulting lists shows the largest landlords with the greatest proportion of Rentlogic A-grade buildings in their portfolios.

Brick Underground and Rentlogic

Analysis Shows TFC Ranked In Top 12 (Excerpt)

TF Cornerstone is the last of the big luxury owners on our list. You're unlikely to find a two bedroom in one of their buildings for much less than $5,000, according to Andy Sarrazin, a Keller Williams broker who works with the company a lot.

In return, he says, “It’s like living in a resort. You have pools, dry cleaning on site, friendly staff, the doorman. It's always a welcoming experience.”


TrustScore Of Great From Verified TFC Residents

Feedback from residents and clients is put to use on a continual basis. TFC takes in a swath of internal surveys and public evaluation channels alike. Verified review source TrustPilot is another way TFC building residents are sharing valuable feedback on their experience with TF Cornerstone.


From BrickUnderground:

TFC executive vice president Sofia Estevez says that the company gives tenants exit questionnaires when they are moving out, and that the forms are read by all of a building's staff, as well as some of the most senior people in the company. Like its peers in the big-portfolio luxury rental world, TFC allows tenants to pay rent and file work orders online.

“We try to be attentive and responsible and give everybody the benefit of a doubt,” Estevez says. “The customer is always right. The tenant is always right. That’s what we try to maintain.”


To see the full guide, click here. Thanks goes to Brick Underground and Rentlogic for sharing their research.


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