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A Few of New York’s Best Kept Secret Communities for Apartment Renters

Instant Insider NYC Apartment Communities to Sign, Swap, and Shop


There’s no getting around it: apartment hunting in NYC requires energy and savvy. When you’re ready to move, you look for the best websites or apps that will let you search and sign with reliable information and a nice experience (look no further, you’ve found your home at!).

A Few of New York’s Best Kept Secret Communities for Apartment Renters

Sometimes before you apply, you need a roommate. Sometimes you need to re-home your beloved household items in order to find pieces that fit your new space.

For all these needs, you want to find a place that will offer you plenty of options you can trust, and offer your own advice.

Keep reading to find a few of NYC’s best-kept secret communities that will make you an instant insider in your NYC apartment hunt.


RoomZoom Lets You Find Roommates

RoomZoom TFC Roommate Search Partner

A new partner to TF Cornerstone, RoomZoom is an online platform that lets you view apartments for rent and match up with a roommate before applying to rent the place together.

From Their Most Recent Feature in NY Post:

“RoomZoom begins its vetting process with an extensive questionnaire, including questions like “How long is it okay to leave dishes in the sink?” and “How often are you cool having people over?” Then the site has a staffer vet all its applicants, accepting about 40 percent of them. The application process also requires users to link a social media account, presumably to verify their identity and lifestyle.”

Once accepted, the algorithmic matchup begins and users are able to connect with their next NYC roomie.

TenantKing Micro-Local Marketplace

Launched from Center Boulevard in Long Island City, TF Cornerstone residents across NYC have been using neighborhood-focused marketplace Tenant King to swap and shop for years.

Users are up and running once their identity and address are confirmed. For this community, the saying is precisely correct: location, location, location. Your address determines your marketplace, which stretches only a few blocks in each direction to maximize your convenience.

Big REUSE Secondhand Wonderland

A good vintage-picking trip to LIC Flea can uncover great finds each weekend starting in the spring. But the Big Reuse center in Brooklyn is a year round treasure trove of ever-changing, reclaimed and donated home items from furniture to shelving and all things in-between.

Visit the reuse center to peruse in person, or keep an eye out for new finds online through their website and online shops on Etsy and eBay.

Big Reuse also welcomes volunteers to lend a hand toward their sustainability mission.


There you have it: three of the best-kept secret communities in NYC where apartment hunters and roommates alike can mingle, swap, and shop with an in-the-know crowd.

Have a favorite that we left out of the list?


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